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Mpls. City Conference Champions Boys: 2007,2008,2009
Girls: 2008

Nutritional Tips for Cross Country Runners

HYDRATION:  Water, water and more water!  All day long, runners should be drinking.  Do not wait until you're thirsty!  Water is key in avoiding many unwanted things including fatigue, cramps, heat exhaustion or stroke, and constipation.  Carry a bottle with you all day, even at school.  Gatorade and powerade are good if you drink it within 20 minutes of working out. 

IRON:  Running depletes red blood cells.  This can cause fatigue and iron-deficiency anemia.  Taking a multivitamin with iron everyday would be a good idea.  Try to eat red meat or other iron-rich foods several times a week.

PROTEIN:  Running breaks down muscle tissue.  Your body will produce more, stronger tissue if you eat a nutritious diet with protein. (cheese, peanut butter, meat, eggs, etc.)

CARBS:  No fad diets for runners!  You need carbs for endurance.  Complex carbs (multigrain) are the best for your body because they are digested more slowly.  Simple sugars (candy) will spike your blood sugar level and it will subsequently fall as quickly as it peaked.

FIBER:  Runners are prone to constipation if they do not get enough water.  Running with constipation is extremely uncomfortable.  Make sure you get your fruits & veggies daily.

SODA/POP:  This stuff is bad for your body for so many reasons.  We don't want to see you drinking it.  I'ts bad for your teeth, bones, muscles, and intestines.  Enough said.

PRE-RACE:  Snack on something easy to digest; banana, crackers, jelly sandwiches.  Avoid dairy before running.

POST-RACE:  Gatorade immediately following your race.