South High Cross Country 2018
Mpls. City Conference Champions Boys: 2007,2008,2009
Girls: 2008

Questions & Answers

What is Cross Country Running?

It is competitive running on grass or trails up and down hills, usually in parks or golf courses.  Results are kept on both an individual basis and team scores.  Girls and boys run in separate races.  Team scores are kept by adding the places of the first 5 runners (low score wins).  The 6th and 7th runners for each team can displace the top 5 runners from other teams.

Why should I participate?

Because everyone can participate and improve, regardless of ability.  You will learn healthy lifestyle habits that will stay with you long past school.  There is a strong team bond and friendships that develop between runners.  Participating in cross country will also enhance your athletic ability in winter and spring sports

Do I need prior running experience?

No!  We are looking for beginners and experienced runners.  We will start your training at your current level of fitness.  You will surprise yourself how quickly you will get in good shape.

How far are the races?

Junior high races or C-races range in distance from 1 to 2.5 miles.  High school boys & girls run 5K (3.1 miles) 

When can I start?

Captains are having practice all summer. Contact a captain for time and places or check this website.  We also have a Facebook page South High Cross Country Team 2017 that we share info on also.  Official coaches' practice starts Monday, August 13th.   $60.00 athletic fee and forms are also due at this time.  8-10-2018 

Will new runners run the same workouts as experienced runners?

No, the distance and speeds are modified to meet each runner's current ability and fitness.  Some junior high runners may practice with the more experienced high school runners.

How Long is the season?

The season begins on Monday, August 14th and continues through late-October. The State Meet (for those who qualify) is on Saturday, November 3rd 2018

What equipment do I need?

A good pair of running shoes and a watch to time yourself.  Running shorts and sweatshirt/pants for rainy or cold weather.  Warm hat and gloves also for the cold weather. 

Are there other team activities?

Yes.  We have pasta parties the night before every meet.  Contact Coach if you would like to host a party.  We would also like to have a movie night if anyone would be interested in hosting that. 

Is there a team website?

You know it!  For all your up to date news, contact information, race results, photos and meet schedule.